Artisan, Dancer, and Mental Health Practitioner  Based in Philly

Hi There!

Welcome to the SheGotJobs jewelry website! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you see something you like! 

My name is Nasya Gay and I am a dancer, artisan, and mental health practitioner (MA DMP, Goldsmiths University of London) based in Philadelphia PA. My brand name may seem a little strange but it actually comes from where I started my brand (instagram). I was late to the instagram scene, only getting one for the first time last year in February, about a month before the pandemic. My handle came from all the random jobs I've been able to have in the past (tour guide, haunted house actor, I was even a professional clown at one point!). I kept it in irony as now all of those jobs are gone. Now I have a new job; business owner.

I created this earring company in response to the pandemic. It started as a way to destress and raise money to redistribute to my community, and it still is but with continued interest, and a growing customer base it has expanded and I am beyond grateful for that!

Now onto the earrings. The earrings a made from eco-friendly, plant based resin I am very influenced by nature and the seasons. I design and make them myself and use eco-friendly biodegradable packaging. Pretty things can be guilt-free and environmentally friendly too! 

Thank you so much for taking the time time to read this, for any questions or just to say hey, please feel free to reach out to me! 

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